Denon AVR-S760H Review: Next-Level Home Entertainment Experience

Denon AVR-S760H Review: Next-Level Home Entertainment Experience


Looking for a high-performance AV receiver that delivers exceptional audio and video quality? Our comprehensive Denon AVR-S760H review explores the features, performance, and build quality of this impressive receiver, perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their home theater experience. Read on to discover the immersive sound quality, robust connectivity options, and stunning picture quality this receiver has to offer.

Denon has been a pioneer in home theatre equipment for a long time, offering cutting-edge solutions for powering elaborate speaker systems. The Denon AVR-S760H is an excellent choice for individuals who want to get the most out of their home theatre system without breaking the bank thanks to its compatibility with modern consoles. Do you think this model will work? Okay, then, let’s find out.



This receiver has some seriously outstanding capabilities, including as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding and playback, 4K Ultra HD video upscaling, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s great for people who like to have a lot of different entertainment choices because it can accept numerous audio and video sources.

We’ll go over the Denon AVR-most S760H’s important features, performance, and any potential downsides you should be aware of in this review. Our evaluation will help you decide if the Denon AVR-S760H is the best choice for your needs, whether you’re a dedicated home theatre fanatic or an audiophile looking for a new listening experience.


Build And Design

When it comes to AV receivers, the Denon AVR-S760H stands out as one of the best. This receiver screams class and sophistication with its simple front panel and sophisticated black matte finish. Let’s have a look at the AVR-construction S760H’s and layout:



The AVR-S760H was designed from the ground up to be the perfect addition to any home theatre. It won’t take up a tonne of room on your desk or nightstand thanks to its 17.1 x 13.3 x 5.9-inch dimensions, but it has excellent audio and visual capabilities. The light weight of only 18.1 pounds makes it simple to transport and set up.

The receiver’s stunningly beautiful matte black finish gives it a sophisticated air. The receiver’s front panel is designed for ease of use, with a large display and just a few standard buttons.

There are a tonne of connectivity choices on the AVR-S760H, including four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, two composite video inputs, one component video input, and four analogue audio inputs. There are two subwoofer outputs and a phono input for attaching a record player. You may enjoy a comprehensive audio-visual experience by simply connecting all of your preferred devices.



The AVR-cutting-edge S760H’s cooling system is one of its most impressive features. This receiver has a big heat sink and a cooling fan to keep it from overheating and keep the components at their optimum operating temperatures. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the receiver overheating as you take in all of your favourite musical and cinematic works.

Last but not least, the AVR-S760H is accompanied by a user-friendly and comprehensive remote control. The remote’s big buttons and clear layout make it a breeze to change channels and operate the receiver from the convenience of your couch.



To sum up, the Denon AVR-S760H is a stylish and compact AV receiver that provides excellent audio and video performance. It’s the ideal complement to any home theatre because of its high-tech cooling system, numerous input and output choices, and user-friendly remote control.


Features And Specs

High-quality audio and video performance is guaranteed from the Denon AVR-S760H, a premium AV receiver. Key characteristics and specifications of this receiver are as follows




The AVR-S760H can support up to seven satellite speakers and two subwoofers thanks to its 7.2 channel architecture. It can fill a medium-sized room with sound, as the receiver outputs 75 watts per channel.

To that end, the AVR-S760H is compatible with two of the most cutting-edge surround sound formats—Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. With these innovations, you may experience 3D audio in your media that gives it a whole new level.

The receiver supports video upscaling, so you can watch your favourite shows and movies in amazing 4K Ultra HD definition.

With High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, which features a broader colour palette, brighter whites, and deeper blacks, the AVR-S760H is equipped to handle these images with ease.



The receiver is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to wirelessly stream audio from your mobile device. The AVR-S760H allows you to stream audio to many rooms simultaneously. The receiver’s built-in setup assistance walks you through the process step by step. The AVR-S760H may be operated by just speaking commands into your preferred virtual assistant, since it is voice-enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

The Denon AVR-S760H is, in general, a powerful and feature-packed AV receiver that produces excellent audio and video. If you want your home theatre experience to be as realistic as possible, this is the best option.



The Denon AVR-S760H is an audio receiver that may blow the minds of even the most critical music lovers. Its receiver’s remarkable performance can be attributed to the high-quality components and cutting-edge audio technologies it employs to produce powerful and pinpoint sound. Several alternative descriptions of the AVR-audio S760H’s quality are as follows:



The AVR-S760H produces sound that is both crystal clean and deep and detailed. There is no fuzziness or distortion in the audio, so you may enjoy your media without distraction.

The AVR-S760H produces a sound field that puts you in the middle of whatever you’re listening to. The receiver’s incorporation of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X technologies allows for a 360-degree, surround-sound experience that transports you into the action of the movie or performance.

The AVR-S760H is a monster of a home theatre receiver, with enough power to drive the most demanding speakers. The receiver’s 75 watts per channel at 8 ohms provide for deafening, room-filling sound that is reminiscent of a movie theatre experience.



The sound from the AVR-S760H is vibrant and full of life and energy; it is dynamic. Every sound, from the deepest lows to the highest peaks, is dynamic and exhilarating, as if you were actually in the room with the performers.

To avoid any harshness or imbalance, the AVR-S760H produces a sound that is well balanced. The Audyssey MultEQ room correction technology built into the receiver adjusts the sound to your listening environment, resulting in an accurate and enjoyable soundscape.

When it comes to sound quality, the Denon AVR-S760H is unmatched. This receiver is ideal for those who wish to upgrade their home theatre or music listening experience to the next level, thanks to its crystal-clear, enveloping, thundering, dynamic, and balanced sound.


Video Playback

The AVR-three S760H’s 40Gps HMDI 2.1 inputs shine when it comes to video, since they support 4K 120Hz/8k 60Hz switching and pass-through with variable frame rate. With three of these connections, you’ll take full advantage of the maximum bandwidth available for gaming today, ensuring that your Xbox or PlayStation system can deliver the best possible audio without compromising on images. These connections are unnecessary for playing back Blu-ray or 4K content, and the other three HDMI ports can handle even the most demanding disc playback formats with ease.



However, for individuals with 8K TVs, it is usually better to deliver the signals directly and let the monitor’s own scaling algorithms handle the heavy lifting, rather than relying on the unit’s upscale functionality. The option to turn it off in the settings is good, but it’s nice to have nonetheless. With full compatibility with HDR, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision, you may use the device with virtually any TV that connects to its output connection.



Moving on further let’s look at the overall performance review of the Denon AVR-S760H. Have a look at this outstanding wideout’s stats:

Outstanding audio performance can be expected from the Denon AVR-S760H. Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X, among the receiver’s advanced audio processing technologies, provide enveloping and engaging listening environments. There is a lot of depth and detail to the sound, and it is perfectly clear. The AVR-S760H is the best option for those who enjoy listening to music or watching movies at home because it can produce both deep, rumbling bass and soaring highs.





Equally outstanding is the Denon AVR-video S760H’s capabilities. The receiver’s compatibility with high-dynamic-range formats like HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision, as well as 4K Ultra HD, means it can provide eye-popping visuals on displays that can take use of them. The video processing is seamless and clean, with accurate and vibrant colours. With its support for 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, the AVR-S760H guarantees that colour reproduction remains faithful.

The Denon AVR-S760H is designed with the consumer in mind, boasting a streamlined installation process and a clean, straightforward user interface. The receiver has an included user manual and setup aid to walk you through the procedure. The remote control is likewise well-designed, with buttons that are easily identifiable and straightforward to use.



The Denon AVR-S760H has excellent connectivity options. Using the receiver’s six HDMI inputs (including one on the front panel), you may hook up a wide variety of devices at once. Stream music wirelessly from your mobile device, tablet, or computer to the receiver thanks to its built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The AVR-S760H is compatible with AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and HEOS, allowing you to stream music from a wide range of devices.

Additional Features

The voice control systems of other modern receivers, including as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant, may all be used with the Denon thanks to its compatibility with those systems. Individuals who own a Roon audio system will be able to stream using this model, but the resolution will be limited to CD quality at most.



The Denon app simplifies the process of managing multiple streaming services at once, including but not limited to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music HD, and TIDAL. Apple Airplay 2 and the HEOS wireless speaker connection protocol make it possible to play music in multiple rooms simultaneously. Moreover, users of iOS and Mac computers can stream media wirelessly. In the event that the speakers that are integrated into the system are not functioning, you can always couple your phone with the system using Bluetooth and play whatever you want from the device that you are using.

As a matter of fact, the gadget is able to transmit Bluetooth signals in addition to receiving them; hence, it is not difficult to connect headphones or another Bluetooth speaker to it. In the event that the receiver has a hearing impairment, the Bluetooth signal can be transmitted to the individual’s own personal hearing device while the speaker terminals are used to amplify the music.





The inclusion of RCA composite connections ensures that this model can be utilised with older media formats and devices such as VHS and Laserdisc. A moving magnet phono input is a nice touch for vinyl fans, and the inclusion of these connections makes this model suitable for use with older media formats and devices. While the home theatre receiver is the most important component of such a system, the fact that there will be options other than digital HDMI inputs in 2022 is a relief to me.

The setup displays of the Denon models, along with those of all the other models produced by the firm, appear and feel the most basic and uninspired. Despite this, I’d much rather sacrifice the site’s gorgeous aesthetics in favour of such clarity because it loads quickly and is simple to browse.



When it comes to entry-level home theatre receivers, the Denon AVR-S760H is hard to beat. It works as advertised, requires no effort to set up, is loaded with features, and gets the job done without any hassle. The fact that it can process full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 4K 120Hz is its main selling point, making it ideal for a gaming system that doesn’t require some of the other parts found in high-end setups.


While you’re restricted to the model’s fundamental capabilities and available channels of amplification, this is more than adequate for the great majority of users. Those who give this model a chance will be rewarded with exceptional performance thanks to its solid build, which, when paired with a good set of speakers, will produce a sound experience far superior to just about any soundbar solution.




  • Incredible visual and aural quality
  • With a combination of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and DTS Virtual:X, a listener is immersed in the soundscape.
  • The interface and initial configuration are both simple to use.
  • 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision compatibility for breathtaking
  • picture quality Strong connectivity choices, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,
  • AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and HEOS



  • Low number of HDMI inputs compared to certain other receivers in its class Difficulty using the remote control


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