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Low Input Lag Console Gaming Projector with 3500lm | TH585

  • Low Input Lag for Viewing Entertainment

  • Exclusive Game Mode for Detailed Visual Effects

  • 3500lm Full HD 1080p Image in Well-Lit Environments

    Immersive Entertainment

    Flat screens are totally outplayed by gigantic projected images in Full HD 1080p. TH585 home theater projector offers entertainment and gaming thrills with incredible picture quality. Stunning graphics in Game Mode and 3500 lumens of brightness deliver intense action, even in daylight.

    3500 Lumens

    16ms Low Latency

    Game Mode Enhanced

    15,000Hrs Long Lamp Life

    Frameless Big Screen

    1080p Full HD

    95% Rec.709

    10W Built-in Speaker

    Full HD
    Home Theater Projector
    Low Input Lag

    Slow input lag can turn a close game of NBA Live into a frustrating experience. TH585’s 16ms response time maximizes smooth gameplay. It’s great for console gaming on Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation.



    Game Mode ON


    Game Mode OFF

    Game Mode

    Spot your targets and find every secret in RPGs. TH585’s Game Mode fine-tunes images, enhancing dark, shadowy scenes for greater clarity.

    Elevate Your Gaming

    Today’s games are immersive experiences with Hollywood production levels. When it comes to projector vs. TV, you can’t beat high quality images with a huge screen size. Whether you’re the hero in RPGs, the racer in sports games, or a teammate in co-op games, TH585 is on your side.

    TH585 gives you the 100” big-screen immersive experience as if you are in the game
    Take Your Gaming to the Next Level

    Today’s games are immersive experiences with production levels that rival Hollywood blockbusters, and TH585 is your best companion in gaming. Whether you’re the hero in RPGs, the racer in sports games, or a teammate in co-op games, TH585 immerses you fully in the game.

    Better Console Gaming
    role-playing games
    Discover a New World

    Role-Playing Games

    action games
    Feel Real-Time Thrills

    Action Games

    sports games
    Nail Game-Winning Shots

    Sports Games

    party games
    Laugh Your Heads Off

    Party Games

    Enjoy Multi-Source Entertainment

    Game Console

    Handheld game console

    Streaming Device

    Blu-ray Player

    Incredible Picture Quality in Bright Rooms

    Invite your best friends to watch shows, movies, and sports, or to play party games. TH585’s 3500 lumens of high brightness, Full HD 1080p image quality, vivid 95% Rec.709 color, and clear built-in 10-watt speaker come through for you. Lamp Save Mode also extends lamp life up to 15,000 hours.

    *Based on 4 hours average daily use, 15,000 hours translates to 10 years of enjoyment and savings.

    Three men are having a small chat in living room with popcorn, projector on the table
    Turn Any Space into Your Private Arena

    Don’t just play games in your room. TH585 sets up in seconds to turn any space into your own private e-sports arena.

    Portable Projection

    Take the show on the road. TH585 sets up in seconds to turn any space into your personal home theater.

    1.1X Zoom for Flexible Throw Distances

    TH585 maximize available space with a range of throw distances for big-screen entertainment in tight quarters.

    Throw Distance Calculator

    Digital Lens Shift

    TH585’s digital vertical lens shift has adjustable projection heights to fit perfectly into any room.

    BenQ Digital Lens Shift has height adjustability for great projection in any room
    Auto Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment
    Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment

    Vertical keystone adjusts the image for a professionally squared image, making it simple to project ideally aligned images from a variety of locations




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