BIC America Venturi DV 32 B


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BIC America Venturi DV32B – Bookshelf/Surround Speakers (Pair)                                                                                                                                         The BIC America Venturi DV32B’s simply outperform any speakers of their size and price. They use 3.5″ woofers with poly/graphite cones that deliver extremely accurate mid and bass frequencies. Their 1/2″ poly dome tweeters provide crystal clear highs. Ideal for use with all surround and music applications. The key holes on the back of DV32 cabinets enable easy wall or corner mounting without having to purchase extra mounting brackets. BIC models that match well with the DV32BL are the Adatto DV52si and DV62si (bookshelf speakers), DV32CLR, DV52CLR-B and DV62CLR-S (center speakers), DV64 and DV84 tower speakers and all BIC in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.



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