Bose L1 8Pro



Audio professionals looking for a portable column array PA system will be impressed with the Bose L1 PRO8 Portable Line Array, a 300W powered column PA speaker that’s versatile and simple to use. It functions as a main PA in a wide variety of positions, with a pair able to cover an audience up to 250. The onboard DSP processing, 3-input mixer, and easy-to-use tone presets help working presenters, musicians, instructors, performers, and A/V providers get powerful, clean, and clear sound quickly.

The speaker provides 180° horizontal and ±20 vertical coverage for a wide and even response throughout the room. The system offers 112 dB of continuous SPL—plenty of volume for smaller venues including coffee shops, houses of worship, conference centers, performance spaces, and meeting rooms. The highly efficient 300W Class-D amplifier powers the eight 2″ mid-high drivers and the 13×7″ racetrack woofer, providing crisp, detailed sound with a wide frequency range from 20 kHz down to 45 Hz. The Bose L1 PRO8 ships with the speaker array, array extension, subwoofer power stand, power cord, and a carrying bag.

Dialed in for Pure Performance
The L1 PRO8 portable line array system advances the PA category into a new era of on-the-go audio for singer-songwriters, mobile DJs, and bands. The system offers 180° horizontal coverage, unmatched clarity and tonal balance, plus extended bass response with a unique 13×7″ RaceTrack woofer design.  A built-in multichannel mixer offers EQ, reverb, and phantom power, plus Bluetooth streaming and access to the full library of ToneMatch presets.
Bass without the Bulk
The unique RaceTrack woofer integrated into the L1 PRO8 delivers powerful bass, has an optimized center of gravity, and saves a lot of space. This slim design means you get the full impact of a conventional subwoofer without the cumbersome size, freeing up room in your vehicle and on the stage, and making every carry in between home to car, vehicle to venue much easier.




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