Definitive D9



Demand Series D9 High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers

 the  Definitive Technology D9 Demand Series Bookshelf Speaker (Pair). Definitive Technology Demand D9 high-performance bookshelf speakers pack a punch with comprehensive, resonating sound and accurate imaging in a contemporary, aesthetically appealing styling. Featuring technology advancements to both our aluminium dome tweeter and midrange/woofer sections, each speaker delivers an unparalleled sweet spot, smoother high-frequency reproduction, and three-dimensional imaging for the most technically-upgraded, premium bookshelf listening experience.

Key Features:

  • 1” Aluminum Dome Tweeter with 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™ and Laterally Offset Tweeter Assembly
  • Laterally Offset Tweeter Assembly
  • BDSS™ (Balanced Double Surround System) Midrange/woofer
  • Integrated passive bass radiator in each speaker produces superior low-end extension

Benefits of Definitive Technology D9 Demand Series Bookshelf Speaker (Pair):

BDSS™ Midrange/Woofer

Patented Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) midrange/woofer pack punch with greater excursion and output that leads to superior mid-range detail and punchier bass compared to drivers of similar size.

Passive Bass Radiator

Integrated passive bass radiator in each speaker delivers superior low-end extension. Additionally, the inclusion of a larger spider attenuates rocking and enhances linearity for deep, tight, clean bass response.

Annealed Aluminum Dome Tweeter

Definitive Technology’s annealed aluminium tweeters are meticulously crafted to articulate nuance and detail in the high-frequency bands for a stunning clarity in every audio experience.

Technical Specifications of Definitive Technology D9 Demand Series Bookshelf Speaker (Pair):

Brand & Model # Definitive Technology D9


1″ Aluminum Dome Tweeters


5.25″ Polypropylene BDSS/LWR

Low Frequency Design

Bass Radiator



-3dB Frequency Response

64Hz – 22kHz

-10dB Frequency Response

48Hz – 24kHz

Nominal Impedance

4 ohms

Power Range


Dimensions (INCH)

11.71″H x 6.5″W x 11.97″D

Dimensions (CM)

29.75H x 16.61W x 30.4D




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