Kef Blade Two Meta




Kef Blade Two Meta                                                                      Sharing the same DNA as Blade One Meta, Blade Two Meta offers all the acoustic prowess and iconic design on a slightly smaller scale. Blade Two Meta features Single Apparent Source technology with four 165mm (6.5 in.) force-cancelling bass drivers and 12th generation Uni-Q® driver array with MAT™.

KEF Blade 2 Meta are the latest version of these stunning loudspeakers, newly updated with KEF’s  Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) and available in a range of stunning finishes.

For 2022, KEF have taken what they had learned in their concept series of Blade and Blade One (now Blade One Meta) along with the later Blade 2 and delivered a smaller scale Blade without compromise – we present the Blade Two Meta. An ideal choice for most sized rooms.

Improved Sound

Historically the Blade series has always represented the ultimate in in sound, meaning that this is where KEF are going and their designers are given a blank sheet of paper and told go for it. Blade Two Meta doesn’t just take that idea on board, it runs off into the sunset with it – thanks to an all-new Uni-Q driver array, Metamaterial absorption technology, an outstanding frequency response and more that take Blade Two Meta into a new age.

A new sound is achieved with an all-new line up of drivers in a 12th Generation Uni-Q array which delivers a HF driver that is 25mm (1”), made out of aluminium with MAT built into the tweeter to give the highest of highs a rich warm feeling that is pleasing on the ear. The mid-range is upgraded to with a 125mm (5”) aluminium coned unit that makes those marginal gains which give the mid-range a smooth as silk texture. Finally, the bass hasn’t been left untouched by KEF’s R&D team either with a 4 165 (6.5”) force cancelling aluminium cone drivers that punch the bass exactly how you would need it without being over kill.




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