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  • 4K Signal Compatible, capable to accept native 4K signals
  • Stunning HDR performance (HDR10 compatible)
  • Enhanced Gaming Mode for superb gaming experience
  • Bright 3,800 ANSI Lumens, lights on viewing, vibrant in all conditions
  • Dual HDMI ports with HDCP2.2 support
  • Supports Full 3D and Auto 3D Display Mode
  • 15,000 Hours Long Lamp Life, quiet operation.
  • Built-in 3W Speaker with 10-phase Volume Control
  • ISF Display Mode

    This feature allows you to save your calibrated day, night and 3D mode settings for the ideal viewing experience.

    • ISF Day

    • ISF Night

    • HD30HDR The First Choice In Gaming

      Optoma Game Master

      • Gaming Display Mode

        • Game

        • Vivid


          ISF 3D

          • Full HD

            RYGCWB Color Wheel

            Amazing Color HDTV Rec.709


            4K Compatible With HDR Projector


            Big Screen Entertainment

          • Optoma Game Master
          • Gaming Display Mode

            • Vivid

          • Enhanced Gaming Mode

            • Low Input Lag 16ms @60Hz

            • Low Input Lag 8.4ms @120Hz

          4K HDR compatible

          HD30HDR makes home entertainment simple, with HDMI 2.0 and USB power supply compatibility. Moreover, it supports 4K resolution and native resolution 1080p export, as well as HDR10 video format. Choose films you want to see online without wasting time researching video format compatibility. Enjoy watching movies in high definition simply and easily.

          • HDMI 1.4a

          • HDMI 2.0

          Optoma HDR

          HD30HDR supports HDR10. When a signal is imported, the projector automatically switches to HDR display mode. Through Optoma’s HDR tone mapping technology, it enables HDR movies or games to be presented with optimized performance in high contrast and vivid colors.

          Optoma HDR

          Other Brand SDR

          HD30HDR incorporates DLP projection technology and uses the latest Texas Instruments 1080p DMD chip & DDP4422 GPU.

          • DLP Technology

          • 1080×1920 DMD Chip

          • ±17° Tilt-angle ElectrostaticTechnology

          • No Screen-door Effect Sharp & Detail


          Cinema-Quality High Resolution Images

          HD30HDR incorporates RYGCWB color wheel and performs sharp 4K compatible with HDR high-definition images. Through Optoma’s specialized color calibration and mixing technologies, enjoy 3,800 lumens of brightness and outstanding color with accurate HDTV standard Rec. 709 color gamut. This is a cinema-quality projector for use at home.

          • HDR10 Compatible


          • 3,800 lms. Bright-Room-Design

          • RYGCWB Color Wheel High Color Precision & Brightness

          • 1.07 Billion Displayable Colors

          DLP®️ BrilliantColor™ Technology

          For UHP lamps, this technology is able to achieve up to 50% improvement in brightness over traditional three color solutions. BrilliantColor technology offers up to six-color processing enabling a wide color gamut and making it possible to produce over one billion colors.

          The Smart and Simple Way to
          Watch Movies

          Watching movies is easy. With the touch of a button, switch to “Cinema” display mode, image performs true to life with high contrast by the specific Gamma curve. At the meantime, it activates Brilliant Pulse on Red function to make the light pulse projects on the red segment of the color wheel. Red enhancement makes images more natural skin tones, better color saturation and more enjoyable viewing experience.

          [ Cinema ] Display Mode
          Vibrant & Brilliant

          Specific Gamma Curve

          Brilliant Pulse on Red

          Dynamic Black : on

          Dynamic Black : off

          Dynamic Black

          Dynamic Black can accurately control light bulb output power and automatically adjust it based on different image brightness. There is no need to use an aperture ring to adjust for dark scenes. With Auto Gain function, details are more pronounced and an increase in contrast ratio of nearly three times is achieved. This means that images appear true to life with dramatic increase in contrast.

          • Auto Gain

          • Automatic illumination compensation

          • Energy saving

          • Display Mode for Gaming


      [ Game ] Display Mode

      Something Hidden in the Dark

      Shadow Boost. All-day simulations

      In Optoma’s Color Lab, simulations were carried out for gaming in different ambient light settings to calibrate and boost the details in the dark and develop the exclusive “Game” display mode. This means that gamers can avoid getting stuck at a certain level, as they can clearly find the gimmick hidden in the dark.


      [ Vivid ] Display Mode
      Reveal a Fantastic World

      Huge dynamic range. Best balance between brightness & color saturation.

      Optoma’s Color Team focused on gaming content that is high in resolution and rich in color to develop the “Vivid” display mode. In this mode, the best balance between color saturation and brightness is achieved, bringing characters and action to life.

      Lag-Free Gaming
      8.4ms Input Lag

      HD30HDR is the first choice in the Optoma Game Master series. It comes with “Enhanced Gaming” mode. Gamers enjoy low-latency between operation of controls and win the game in milliseconds.

      1.When input signal is 1080p@60Hz, 1080p@120Hz Enhanced Gaming Mode can be used. Output display 1080p@60Hz, Input lag 16ms. 1080p@120Hz, input lag 8.4ms.
      2.In order to reach minimum response time, when using Enhanced Gaming mode, the features such as keystone correction, image shift, and edge mask will be disabled.

      Optoma Enhanced Gaming

      Input lag


      Other brand

      Input lag


      Input lag & Gaming Performance


      Ultimate Smoothness 120Hz Refresh Rate

      The refresh rate is the number of times your display device updates with new images each second. 120 Hz refresh rate reproduces motion with the ultimate smoothness and clarity. HD30HDR’s produces great picture quality with 120Hz refresh rate for fast gaming action with virtually no motion blur.




      Full 3D

      HD30HDR supports HDMI 1.4a 1920×1080 3D Blu-ray 3D movies, digital television, and gaming with super high refresh rate of 144Hz. Images do not appear in a series or shake, reducing viewing fatigue.





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