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  • Lightning-fast 240Hz Cinema Gaming Projector
  • Ultimate Gaming Experience with low 4.2ms Input Lag in Enhanced Gaming Mode
  • Bright Room Design with Brightness 4,000 lumens & 1,200,000:1 Contrast
  • Immersive True 4K UHD Resolution with Perfect Pixel Alignment
  • BrilliantColor & RGBWRGBW 8 Segment Color Wheel for the Truest and the Most Accurate Colors
  • HDR 10 & HLG Supported for Brightest Whites, Deepest Darks, and Lifelike Colors
  • Auto detect and display Ultra Wide 21:9 screen for panoramic view
  • Auto 3D Display with ISF Calibration Setting
  • HDMI 2.0 Support for Connection to 4K Entertainmen


Lightning-Fast 240Hz Cinema Gaming Projector

  • True 4K UHD

  • HDR10

  • Dynamic Black

  • BrilliantColor

  • Rec.709

    Amazing Color HDTV Rec.709

  • 1,200,000:1

  • 34.1”- 302.4”
    Immersive Image

  • Full 3D
    PC/ Blu-ray

  • 4000 ANSI Lumens

Optoma Game Master

  • Gaming Display Mode

  • Game

  • HDR Effect

  • 21:9 Ultra Wide

  • Enhanced Gaming Mode

  • Lag-free Input Lag 4.2ms

  • Lightning-fast 240Hz Refresh Rate



Bright Room Design

Brightness 4,000 lumens


Immersive True 4K UHD Gaming Experience



What is True 4K UHD

At least 8 million active pixels

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® definition of 4K Ultra HD resolution states the display resolution must have at least 8 million active pixels.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®

4k ultra hd



Optoma True 4K UHD

Optoma UHD35+ True 4K UHD projector is powered by a revolutionary Texas Instruments 4K UHD DLP Chipset featuring a high performance DMD utilizing XPR video processing technology with fast switching to display 8.3 million pixels (4x the number of pixels of 1080P) as mandated by the Consumer Technology Association’s 4K UHD specification.


True 4K UHD
8.3 million pixels

– Native resolution –

 1920x1080 4k shifting


DLP True 4K XPR Technology

Fast switching XPR technology creates pixels horizontally and vertically in four ways to achieve 8.3M pixels on screen

4K Pro UHD
4.1 million pixels

– Native resolution –

1920x1080 shifting


Other UHD Pixel Shifting Technology

2-ways shifting creates only 4.1M pixel on screen.

Image Comparison

Optoma’s True 4K UHD projectors deliver accurate, razor sharp, high quality images by leveraging its DLP 4K UHD chip and XPR technology.

– Clarity & Image alignment comparison –


Optoma True 4K UHD

DLP UHD XPR Technology

Perfectly aligned

2716x1528 4k shifting


  • DLP 1-chip systems are inherently mechanically perfectly aligned

4K Pro UHD

Other UHD Pixel Shifting Technology


2716x1528 4k shifting


  • For 3 panel systems, any panel misalignment can cause color or image artifacts and lost resolution.

  • 4K enhancement pixels are typically smaller than 1080p pixels, making alignment in 3 panel systems even more challenging.

amazing color


True Colors Tell
The Realistic Stories.

UHD35+ incorporates RGBWRGBW 8 segment color wheel to achieve vivid and stunning color performance with 4,000 high lumens of brightness. Optoma’s specialized color calibration and adjusting technologies exceeds HDTV Rec. 709 standards to present the truest and the most accurate colors, for authentic, and in-depth storytelling images. This is a 4K HDR high resolution home theater that you will not want to miss out!


Accurate HDTV Standard Rec.709 Colors

  • 4,000 lms.
    Bright Room Design

  • RGBWRGBW Color Wheel

    RGBWRGBW Color Wheel

  • 1.07 Billion Displayable Colors

    1.07 Billion Displayable Colors



DLP®️ BrilliantColor™ Technology

For UHP lamps, this technology is able to achieve up to 50% improvement in brightness over traditional three color solutions. BrilliantColor technology offers up to six-color processing enabling a wide color gamut and making it possible to produce over one billion colors.

Optoma HDR


UHD35+ supports HDR10 and HLG. When a HDR/HLG signal is imported, the projector automatically switches to HDR / HLG display mode. Through Optoma’s HDR color mapping and tone mapping technology, it enables HDR / HLG movies or games to be presented with optimized performance in the accurate color and dynamic contrast.

Optoma HLG / HDR

Other Brand SDR



HDR / HLG Picture Mode

HDR, High Dynamic Range, is a standard that comes with a higher dynamic range in video signals, allowing the image to be shown with more brightness and color without losing any details. UHD35+ allows users to adjust the dynamic range according to the video content or environment.

HDR bright


HDR detail



HDR Standard



  • HDR Film


  • HDR Detail



Enjoy HLG TV Programs
from Youtube, BBC, and NHK

Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) is an HDR system that was specifically developed for television by the BBC and Japanese broadcaster NHK. Online video streaming platforms such as Youtube, Freeview Play, or DirecTV all support HLG formats as well. You can enjoy TV programs like World Cup games or Blue Planet at home with stunning HDR effect.

Enrich Your 4K Entertainment

UHD35+ supports two HDMI 2.0 for any external 4K devices e.g., Apple TV 4K, PS4 Pro, and XBOX One X.

USB Power Out

HDMI 2.0
HDCP 2.2
4K 60Hz compatible / MHL 2.1

The Smart and Simple Way to
Watch Movies

Watching movies is easy. With the touch of a button, switch to “Cinema” display mode, image performs true to life with high contrast by the specific Gamma curve and color gamut. In the meantime, it activates Brilliant Pulse on Red function to make the light pulse project onto the red segment of the color wheel. Red enhancement reproduces closer to natural skin tones, better color saturation and a more enjoyable viewing experience.

optoma rgb

[ Cinema ] Display Mode
Vibrant & Brilliant


Dynamic Black : on

Dynamic Black : off

Dynamic Black

Dynamic Black can accurately control light bulb output power and automatically adjust it based on different image brightness. There is no need to use an aperture ring to adjust for dark scenes. With Auto Gain function, details are more pronounced and an increase in contrast ratio of nearly three times is achieved. This means that images appear true to life with dramatic increase in contrast.

  • Auto Gain

  • Automatic illumination compensation

  • Energy saving

Immersive True 4K UHD Gaming Experience

See More with Panoramic View

Filling up your horizontal field of view. Play games in incredible ultra-wide 21:9 for great gaming immersion

Optoma Game Master




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