Taga TAV-507




Taga Harmony TAV-507 5.0 Channel Speaker Package


the availability of the feature-packed TAV-507 5.0 Channel Speaker Package. TAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of globally renowned, award-winning speakers and audio electronics, today brings its latest offering, TAV-507F, TAV-C and TAV-S, the first models of the comprehensive new Audio-Video series. The new line is not only a remodelled design of the old series but a fresh new opening of the Audio-Video series in terms of performance and aesthetics, which will strengthen its position as speakers with one of the highest value to price ratio in the industry! Three speaker models have been included in the series: TAV-507F floor standing, TAV-C centre and TAV-S surround loudspeaker. When designing the TAV-507F and TAV-C / TAV-S, Taga’s main aim was to build visually striking speakers with a truly remarkable sound, which would be offered in budget prices which is a hallmark of the Audio-Video series. As always Taga’s key focus was on rigorous listening tests and sound recalibrations rather than on building best-fit specifications on paper because music and generally sound usually resonates with emotions, feelings and passion. Consequently, it led to the origin of speakers which offer deep, perfectly controlled and defined bass, smooth and rich midrange and eye-grabbing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as very open and airy soundstage.



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