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Denon AVC A1H 15.4 Ch. 150W 8K AV Receiver with HEOS® Built-in

Denon AVC A1H 15.4 Ch. 150W 8K AV Receiver with HEOS® Built-in

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With 15 channels of amplification, our most powerful transformer, carefully selected parts, and hefty, high-rigidity construction, the AVR-A1H supports up to 9.4.6 configuration and delivers a professional theater experience in your home cinema. Designed and manufactured at Denon facilities in Japan.


The world's first 15 channel AV receiver

Featuring the largest power transformer we have ever used, the AVR-A1H delivers unparalleled performance.


Ultimate 3D audio

Experience a new level of 3D audio entertainment with up to a 9.4.6 speaker configuration.


8K ready

Supports 8K video with the latest 1GHz DSP and HDMI technologies.


Over 70 pounds of power

Weighing in at more than 70 pounds, the A1H powers 150W per channel.


Tailor your sound with complete connectivity & control

Every element of a Denon product is thoughtfully crafted to deliver an unforgettable audio experience.


Denon AVC A1H 15.4 Ch. 150W 8K AV Receiver with HEOS® Built-in - Specification

1. General Information:

Model: Denon AVC A1H
Channels: 15.4
Power Output: 150W per channel
Resolution Support: 8K
2. Audio Features:

Amplification Type: Discrete 15.4-channel amplifier
Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Support: Yes
High-Resolution Audio Support: Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.05%
3. Video Features:

8K Ultra HD Support: Yes
HDMI Inputs/Outputs: Multiple HDMI inputs and outputs supporting HDCP 2.3
HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support: HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG
Video Upscaling: Advanced video processing with upscaling capabilities
4. Connectivity:

HDMI Inputs: Multiple HDMI inputs (4K/8K compatible)
HDMI Outputs: Multiple HDMI outputs (Main/Zone)
USB Ports: For audio playback and firmware updates
Network Connectivity: Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi
Bluetooth: Yes, for wireless streaming
HEOS® Built-in: Multi-room audio streaming and whole-home audio integration
5. Multi-Zone/Multi-Source:

Zone Output: Support for multiple zones with independent source selection
Multi-Source Playback: Ability to play different sources in different zones simultaneously
Zone HDMI Output: Yes, for distributing video to different zones
6. Advanced Audio Processing:

Advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Yes
Room Calibration: Audyssey MultEQ XT32 for precise room acoustics calibration
Dynamic Volume/EQ: Yes, for consistent audio levels and optimal sound quality
7. User Interface:

On-Screen Display: Intuitive graphical user interface
Remote Control: Dedicated remote control included
Mobile App Control: Compatible with Denon AVR Remote App for iOS and Android devices
8. Build and Design:

High-Quality Build: Premium build quality for durability and aesthetics
Front Panel Display: Clear and informative front panel display
Cooling: Advanced cooling system for efficient heat dissipation
9. Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions (W x H x D): [Insert dimensions here]
Weight: [Insert weight here]
10. Power Requirements:

Power Consumption: [Insert power consumption details]
Power Supply: [Insert power supply details]
11. Additional Features:

3D Audio Support: Yes
eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel): Yes
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM): Yes
Firmware Upgradeable: Yes, for future feature enhancements
12. Warranty:

Manufacturer's Warranty: Official Manufacturer Warranty


Denon AVC A1H 15.4 Ch. 150W 8K AV Receiver with HEOS® Built-in - Review

The Denon AVC A1H stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering an unparalleled audiovisual experience. With its impressive 15.4 channels and 150W per channel, this AV receiver is a powerhouse that caters to the needs of both audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts.

Audio Prowess:
The discrete 15.4-channel amplifier ensures a nuanced and immersive soundstage. Whether you're delving into Dolby Atmos or DTS:X content, the AVC A1H brings forth a captivating audio experience with minimal Total Harmonic Distortion (<0.05%).

Visual Excellence:
This receiver doesn't fall short on the video front. Boasting support for 8K Ultra HD, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG, it ensures that your visuals are as stunning as the audio. The advanced video processing and upscaling capabilities further contribute to a visually stunning home theater setup.

Connectivity and Integration:
The Denon AVC A1H is well-equipped in the connectivity department. Multiple HDMI inputs and outputs, USB ports, Ethernet, and built-in Wi-Fi ensure seamless integration with a variety of devices. The inclusion of Bluetooth and HEOS® Built-in takes it a step further, allowing for convenient wireless streaming and multi-room audio capabilities.

Multi-Zone and Source Flexibility:
This receiver caters to the needs of those with expansive home setups. Supporting multiple zones with independent source selection and HDMI outputs for different zones, it provides flexibility in audio and video distribution throughout your living space.

Advanced Audio Processing:
Featuring Audyssey MultEQ XT32, the AVC A1H takes room acoustics calibration seriously. Dynamic Volume/EQ ensures consistent audio levels, adapting to different content and maintaining optimal sound quality.

User-Friendly Interface:
The intuitive graphical user interface, on-screen display, and compatibility with the Denon AVR Remote App make the AVC A1H user-friendly. It ensures that users can easily navigate settings and controls to tailor their audiovisual experience.

Build and Design:
Crafted with premium materials, the AVC A1H exudes a sense of durability and elegance. The front panel display is clear and informative, adding a touch of sophistication to your home entertainment setup.

The Denon AVC A1H is a powerhouse AV receiver that doesn't compromise on any front. Whether you're a cinephile or an audiophile, its 15.4 channels, 150W per channel, and advanced features make it a top contender in the high-end AV receiver market. While the price point may be an investment, the return is an immersive, top-tier home entertainment experience that's sure to satisfy even the most discerning users.

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