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Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 Active Subwoofer

Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 Active Subwoofer

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Product Description

  • Superior detailed bass with blink-fast transient response.
  • Soul-shaking bass comes to life with 300 watts RMS.
  • Perfect resolution comes from patented digitally-coupled Infinite Power Source amplifiers.
  • Stunning reproduction of demanding materials is a result of the built-in MOSFET output devices

Product features


As its name implies, the Pro Sub 1000 Active Subwoofer is extremely quick; in fact, its transient response nearly seems to blink. It features an excellent sound quality and a very detailed bass. Its 300 watts of extraordinary power output powers the subwoofer and creates a soul-shaking musical experience. The new definitive-1000 active woofer, which has an infinite power source amplifier function patented by the firm and gives flawless resolution, is a testament to technology's ability to design the greatest and highest caliber of technology. This is the ultimate technology subwoofer


Aside from its aesthetically beautiful construction and design, the Pro-Sub Definitive Technology 100 Active Subwoofer stands out from other speakers thanks to its integrated MOSFET output devices. Prepare to experience music like never before; the DT Pro-1000 speaker gives a genuinely satisfying, realistic, and well-balanced sound system.


Exciting Bass

Together with a front-mounted, highly powerful direct-radiating woofer pressure and a low-mounted bass radiator, the DT-pro-sub-1000 active subwoofer boasts a soul-shaking, exhilarating bass that is powered by a 380 watt amplifier. The sound produced by these various technologies will chill your spine. An nearly subsonic sound is produced by an active subwoofer, such as the Prosub 1000, while normal speakers only pick up high-frequency sounds.


High Quality Design

Since the pro sub-1000 active subwoofer is manufactured by such a huge company it is a prerequisite that the components used to design it are all of the best quality. It is made from the creme de la creme of the premium parts, it is designed using state-of-the-art supplies including its deep bass that has a thrilling effect, and precision resistors that offer crystal clear sound so accurate that you can focus on every detail.



This D-technology 1000 pro sub active subwoofer is flawless and painstakingly constructed in every way. It has been meticulously developed and engineered for an incredibly quick and excellent transient response, taking into account every little aspect. This allows the speaker to offer a very powerful, extremely clear, free from any and all distortions bass that reaches even the lowest frequency.


Broad Spectrum

With its incredibly wide range, the Pro Sub-1000 active subwoofer engulfs the entire room in sound and enhances the listening experience. Its front-mounted direct-radiating woofer's high pressure, along with its deep bass, results in a range that is 39% wider than that of any other speaker.



The robust monocoque cabinet of the active subwoofer 1000 pro-sub is a sturdy, long-lasting construction that was especially made for such inert speakers, which provide a vibration-free experience.

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