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Fyne Audio F1-12S Floorstanding Speaker with FyneFlute technology (pair)

Fyne Audio F1-12S Floorstanding Speaker with FyneFlute technology (pair)

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Product Description

The FYNE AUDIO F1-12S FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER (PAIR) is a top-of-the-line speaker for people who want the best possible sound quality.

Here are some of the key features of the F1-12S:

Big sound: These speakers are big and heavy, so they can produce a lot of sound. They're perfect for filling a large room with music or movies.
Clear sound: The F1-12S speakers use special technology to produce clear, undistorted sound, even at high volumes.
Beautiful design: These speakers are made from high-quality materials and have a sleek, modern design. They'll look great in any home.
If you're looking for the best possible speakers for your home, the FYNE AUDIO F1-12S FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER (PAIR) is a great option. They're expensive, but they're worth the price if you want the best sound quality.

Here are some additional details about the F1-12S:

Each speaker weighs 72 kg (159 lbs).
The speakers are 135 cm (53 in) tall, 45 cm (17.7 in) wide, and 68 cm (26.8 in) deep.
The speakers have a frequency response of 24 Hz to 26 kHz.
The speakers are bi-wirable, which means you can use two separate speaker cables to each speaker for even better sound quality.


Immersive Audio:

IsoFlare Technology: The heart of the F1-12S is the IsoFlare driver, a revolutionary single-point source that combines a 300mm multi-fiber bass/midrange cone with a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter. This unique design eliminates phase discrepancies and time misalignment, resulting in a breathtakingly coherent and natural soundstage. Imagine vocals that float in the air, surrounded by instruments with pinpoint precision and holographic detail.


Bass that Shakes Your Soul: The F1-12S isn't just about pretty vocals and delicate melodies. It throws down some serious low-end with its down-firing bass port and BassTrax LF diffuser. Feel the rumble of a drum kick, the power of a guitar riff, and the earth-shaking tremors of a movie soundtrack. But fear not, this bass is tight, controlled, and never overpowers the rest of the music.


Exquisite Design:

A Feast for the Eyes: The F1-12S isn't just a sonic marvel, it's a visual stunner. The Piano Gloss Walnut finish is simply gorgeous, with a depth and richness that will complement any listening space. The sleek lines and solid construction exude an air of luxury and sophistication.

Built to Last: These speakers are crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. The twin-cavity cabinet is incredibly rigid and acoustically inert, eliminating unwanted resonances and ensuring the purest possible sound reproduction. The 20kg machined aluminum plinth provides a rock-solid foundation, further enhancing stability and performance.


Who is it for?

The F1-12S is for the discerning audiophile who demands the absolute best. If you're passionate about music and movies, and you appreciate the finer things in life, then these speakers are for you. They're not just an investment in sound, they're an investment in your listening experience.

To truly appreciate the F1-12S, you have to hear them for yourself. But be warned, once you do, there's no going back. You'll be forever spoiled by the magic of IsoFlare and the sheer power and finesse of these extraordinary speakers.



The imposing floorstanding F1-12S is the evolution of its predecessor, the award-winning F1-12. Fyne Audio’s flagship loudspeaker, embodies the brand’s philosophy, expertise and engineering excellence into a truly outstanding design. The twin cavity cabinet is supported on a 20kg machined aluminium plinth that houses Fyne’s state of the art BassTrax LF diffuser. After years of meticulous research and development, Dr Paul Mills and his team have brought upgrades to the heart of the F1-12S. By reimagining the crossover and improving the 300mm (12”) IsoFlare driver, featuring FyneFlute technology, the F1-12S delivers an enhanced low frequency. Featuring a 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter, the 12” IsoFlare driver offers a seamless, time aligned HF response to over 26kHz for ultimate realism and listener engagement.

System Type 2 way, downwards firing port, with BassTrax Tractrix diffuser
Recommended amplifier power (Watt RMS) 20 - 350
Peak power handling (Watt) 600
Continuous power handling (Watt RMS) 175
Sensitivity (2.83 Volt @ 1m) 96dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ohm
Frequency response (-6dB typical in room) 24Hz - 26kHz
Drive unit complement 1 x 300mm IsoFlare point source driver with FyneFlute surround, multi-fibre bass / midrange cone, with 75mm titanium dome compression tweeter, neodymium magnet system
Crossover frequency 750Hz
Crossover type Bi-wired passive low loss, 2nd order low pass, 2nd order high pass, Deep Cryogenically Treated
System adjustments High frequency energy (750Hz - 26kHz) +/-3dB Presence (2.5kHz - 5.0kHz) +/- 3dB
Dimensions - HxWxD 1350 x 450 x 680mm (53.2” x 17.7 x 28.6”)
Weight - Each 72kg
Finishes Piano Gloss Walnut
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