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Magnat Signature 503 3-Way BookShelf Speaker

Magnat Signature 503 3-Way BookShelf Speaker

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Product Description

  • It has 3 Way Bass reflex technology.
  • It has Newly developed High-res tweeter module.
  • It has resonance dumping rubber feed.
  • Small in size easy to place.
  • It has Klippel-optimized bass-midrange unit.
Product features


The Magnat Signature 503 boasts a visually stunning design, featuring a sleek and elegant cabinet constructed from high-quality materials. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of its construction, from the finely finished wood veneer to the sturdy construction that minimizes unwanted resonance. The overall build quality reflects the commitment to excellence that Magnat is known for.
This loudspeaker system incorporates a three-way driver configuration, consisting of a dedicated tweeter, midrange driver, and woofer. Each driver is engineered to perform optimally within its specific frequency range, resulting in a seamless integration of sound across the spectrum. The drivers are carefully selected and matched to ensure precise audio reproduction.





The Signature 503 utilizes a high-quality tweeter designed to handle high frequencies with exceptional clarity and precision. It employs advanced technologies such as a soft dome diaphragm or ribbon design to minimize distortion and improve transient response. The tweeter's dispersion characteristics are carefully engineered to create a wide and even soundstage.



Midrange Driver


The midrange driver is responsible for reproducing the crucial midrange frequencies, where much of the detail and timbre of instruments and vocals reside. The Signature-503 employs a specially designed midrange driver that offers excellent transient response, low distortion, and a smooth frequency response. This ensures accurate and natural reproduction of vocals and instruments.





The woofer is responsible for handling the lower frequencies, delivering deep and impactful bass. The Signature 503 by Magnet features a high-performance woofer that utilizes advanced materials and construction techniques to reproduce bass frequencies with tightness, speed, and depth. It offers excellent low-frequency extension, allowing you to feel the full impact of your music or movies.


Crossover Network


The loudspeaker system incorporates a sophisticated crossover network that divides the audio signal into different frequency bands and directs them to the appropriate drivers Magnat-Signature-503 . The crossover is designed with high-quality components and carefully tuned to ensure seamless integration between the drivers, resulting in a coherent and well-balanced soundstage.



Power Handling and Sensitivity


The Magnat 503 can handle high power levels, allowing it to handle dynamic and demanding audio content with ease. With its high sensitivity rating, it can efficiently convert amplifier power into sound, ensuring excellent volume levels and dynamics without straining the amplifier.



Room Placement and Amplification


To fully unlock the potential of the Magnat Signature 503, it is recommended to position the speakers properly within your listening room. Additionally, pairing these loudspeakers with a high-quality amplifier or receiver that matches their power and sonic characteristics will result in optimal performance.
3 way bass reflex
6.5“ woofer-midrange 1.2" dome-tweeter 0.75" super-tweeter
100 / 170 watts
91 dB
4-8 Ohms
32 - 53000 Hz  32 - 53000 Hz
2800 Hz / 17500 Hz
> 20 Watts
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