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Marantz SA-12SE Premium Series

Marantz SA-12SE Premium Series

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Introducing the Marantz SA-12SE Premium Series, an exquisite blend of precision engineering and audio excellence. Elevate your listening experience with this state-of-the-art SACD player, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled sound quality and a touch of luxury to your audio setup.

Design and Construction:
Immerse yourself in the beauty of audio craftsmanship with the Marantz SA-12SE. Its sleek, brushed aluminum chassis exudes sophistication, while the front panel, adorned with the iconic Marantz porthole display, adds a touch of timeless elegance to your audio system. The robust construction ensures stability and vibration resistance, allowing the player to faithfully reproduce every musical detail.

Advanced SACD Playback:
Experience the true depth and clarity of your favorite music with the SA-12SE's advanced Super Audio CD (SACD) playback capability. This technology preserves the nuances of the original recording, providing a lifelike and immersive listening experience that transcends conventional CD quality.

High-Resolution Audio Support:
The SA-12SE embraces the future of audio by supporting high-resolution audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC, and DSD. Immerse yourself in studio-quality sound, with the player's precise digital-to-analog conversion ensuring that every musical subtlety is faithfully reproduced.

Marantz Musical Mastering:
Unleash the full potential of your music library with Marantz Musical Mastering technology. This proprietary processing enhances digital audio content, optimizing it for playback on the SA-12SE. Rediscover your favorite tracks with a newfound richness and clarity that sets a new standard for audio reproduction.

Versatile Connectivity:
With a range of connectivity options, including USB, coaxial, and optical inputs, the SA-12SE seamlessly integrates into your existing audio system. The asynchronous USB input allows for direct connection to your computer, ensuring a pure and uninterrupted digital signal for the best possible audio quality.

Precision Clocking and D/A Conversion:
Equipped with a precision clock and high-quality digital-to-analog converters, the SA-12SE minimizes jitter and distortion, delivering a pristine audio signal to your amplifier or speakers. The result is a clean, transparent soundstage that captures the essence of the original recording.

Remote Control and User-Friendly Interface:
Navigate your music effortlessly with the included remote control and the player's user-friendly interface. The intuitive design and easy-to-read display make it a pleasure to explore your music collection and customize playback settings.

Indulge in the ultimate audio experience with the Marantz SA-12SE Premium Series SACD player – where cutting-edge technology meets timeless design, bringing you closer to the heart of your music.

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