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Mission LX-3 MKII Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Mission LX-3 MKII Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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Product features

The Mission LX-3 MKII Bookshelf Speakers are the latest in an extended line of distinguished Mission loudspeakers, becoming a member of the multi-award-prevailing audio machines from the mid-diploma QX Series and the flagship ZX Series. Mission LX-3 MKII Bookshelf Speakers keeps the Mission trademark ‘Inverted Driver Geometry’ format; because of this, the course duration among the drivers is optimised. Unique at this fee element, this arrangement allows the precision-tuned crossover to yield an improved brief attack and extremely good element.

Mission LX-three MKII Bookshelf Speakers utilize trickle-down upgrades from the respected ZX series. Improvements in the well-known Mission DiaDrive bass unit provide superior management of the low-frequency diaphragm, while a complicated excessive-frequency universal overall performance and a re-engineered cabinet bracing tool similarly assist in creating a loudspeaker device that outperforms its price-elegance.

Inverted Driver Geometry

Inverted Driver Geometry (IDG) is a proprietary format feature of Mission audio gadget, together with the Mission LX-3 MKII. It is a completely unique affiliation of the drivers in a loudspeaker cupboard that goals to enhance the accuracy of time alignment some of the different frequencies produced by means of manner of the audio device.

Refined high-frequency performance

The Mission LX-3 MKII gives a refined immoderate-frequency performance way to its redesigned tweeter and precision-engineered crossover community. The tweeter is a 1-inch soft dome tweeter that has been carefully optimized to deliver a clean, clear, and precise immoderate-end response. The crossover community is likewise cautiously designed to make sure that the tweeter and woofer are running in harmony to deliver a well-balanced sound

Cabinet Bracing System

The Mission LX 3 MKII functions a re-engineered cupboard bracing gadget that facilitates to reduce cupboard resonance and beautify sound excellent. The cupboard partitions of the LX-3 MKII are made from thick, high-density MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This lets in to reduce the quantity of vibration that can rise up.The cupboard is internally braced with strategically located struts. These struts assist to distribute the vibration lightly at some stage in the cupboard, further decreasing its preferred resonance.

Driver Surrounds and Crossover

On the LX-3 MKII mission, the riding force surrounds are serrated, this means that that they've a chain of small teeth on their surface. These teeth assist to scatter interfering reflections from localized surfaces, consisting of the walls or the ceiling of a listening room. This facilitates lessening the amount of undesirable room reflections that attain the listener's ears, ensuing in a smoother frequency reaction

Stylish Design


The Mission LX-3 MKII is a compact bookshelf speaker that measures 345mm x 226mm x 300mm (HxWxD).The Mission LX-3 MKII is a properly-constructed speaker that is crafted from exquisite materials. The audio system are heavy and experience strong. The cupboard is nicely-damped and there's no rattle or buzz whilst the audio gadget are played at excessive amount.

DiaDrive Bass Unit

The DiaDrive bass unit of lx3 mkii mission works with the aid of mounting the woofer in a manbner that reduces the amount of air pressure that could increase in the returned of the cone. This lets in to prevent the cone from flexing excessively and producing distortion. The DiaDrive bass unit moreover allows to beautify the dispersion of the low-frequency sound waves, resulting in a more even and regular bass response at some stage in the listening place.


Standmount/Surround Speakers

LX-3 MKII is a 2-way standmount loudspeaker with a 6.5″ bass driver and a 1″ softdome treble unit.

The LX MKII Series is the latest in a long line of distinguished Mission loudspeakers, joining the multi-award winning speakers from the mid-level QX Series and the flagship ZX Series. LX MKII maintains the Mission trademark ‘Inverted Driver Geometry’ design, which means the path length between the drivers is optimised. Unique at this price-point, this arrangement allows the precision-tuned crossover to yield improved transient attack and astonishing detail.

Perfected over hundreds of hours of critical listening by Mission’s lead acoustic designer, Peter Comeau, Mission LX MKII utilises trickle-down innovations from the revered ZX series. Improvements in the famous Mission DiaDrive bass unit offer superior control of the low-frequency diaphragm while a refined high-frequency performance and a re-engineered cabinet bracing system further help create a loudspeaker system that outperforms its price-class.

LX-3 MKII Specifications

General description 2-way bookshelf speaker
Enclosure type bass reflex
Transducer complement 2-way
Bass driver 6.5"(165mm) composite fibre
Treble driver 25mm microfibre dome
AV shield No
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 88dB
Recommended amplifier power 20-120W
Peak SPL 105dB
Nominal impedance 8Ω Compatible
Minimum impedance 4.1Ω
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 45Hz ~ 20kHz
Bass extension(-6dB) 40Hz
Crossover frequency 3.2kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres) 13.2L
Height (on plinth) 345mm
Width 226mm
Depth (with terminals) (300+8)mm
Carton size 590 x 400 x 450mm
Net weight 8.42kg/pcs
Gross weight 18.9kg/ctn
Finish Walnut Pearl / Lux White / Lux Black
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