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Mission QX-12 MKII Subwoofer

Mission QX-12 MKII Subwoofer

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Product features

Mission QX-12 brings 40 years of audio expertise to this new speaker line. With impressive looks and impressive performance, the QX series offers incredible value for both Hi-Fi and AV setups. An advanced new design and extensive listening tests have resulted in a speaker that delivers exciting and dramatic performance, no matter what style of music or movie you prefer. His five-core hi-fi model of two bookshelf designs and his three floor-standing speakers are complemented in this Mission QX series by a dedicated center speaker with wide-beam two-way surround speakers and a powered Q-Series subwoofer.

The Advanced Diadrive Cone System - The front inverted dome cone provides smooth response and is driven by a secondary slave cone for maximum transmission of transient effects from the engine system. The QX12 subwoofer has an oversized magnet motor system which provides high sensitivity for maximum dynamic impact from each amplifier.

New Design Concept

The QX 12 series BY MISSION was developed by combining advanced technology with a highly attractive and unique design, making the speaker perfectly suited for the modern home. This presents an active face to the listener.

Reverse Geometric Design

The Mission-QX12 series uses Mission's classic IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) driver format. By placing the tweeter below the mid-bass driver, the path lengths are balanced and the sound waves coincide at listener's head level. This principle improves the "time alignment".

New Treble Unit

A new 'ring dome' height unit provides a high level of musical detail with low distortion. The normal cavitation effect of domes is completely avoided. The combination of textile dome and multi-ring bead ensures optimum stiffness in the maximum radiation area.

New Bass Drivers

This mission subwoofer has been created with new bass drivers for better sounding of the bass which will make this subwoofer attractive for all. The Natural midrange quality with excellent transient bass response is provided by a seamless curved cone constructed from a blend of soft pulp and acrylic fibres specifically designed for midrange clarity.

Highly Versatile

This QX-12 is highly versatile and because of this the subwoofer gets more and more customers. A low-level input, an output connection, and a dedicated LFE input are provided. Additionally, the automatic power sensor is sensitive enough to detect very low-level signals, automatically activating the subwoofer when needed.

Rich Colours

The QX 12SUB is ideal for expanding music bass in QX MKII series home theater systems and 2-channel applications, utilizing a long excursion 12" (300mm) woofer with incredible bass impact. Based on the same award-winning system as his best-selling QX12SUB, the QX-12SUB MKII offers stunning new Lux Black and Lux White finish options, as well as classic walnut mother-of-pearl to match perfectly. The aesthetics of the stunning QX MKII series of speakers.



Mission is proud to introduce the QX-12SUB MKII to complement the latest QX MKII Series of loudspeakers.

Perfect for a QX MKII Series home-theatre system or musical bass extension in 2-channel applications, the QX-12SUB MKII utilises a 12-inch (300mm) long-throw bass driver with astounding bass impact. Based on the same award-winning system found in the best-selling QX-12SUB, the QX-12SUB MKII also sports fantastic new Lux Black and Lux White finish options, to perfectly match the aesthetics of the stunning QX MKII Series loudspeakers.

QX-12SUB MKII Specifications

Drive Units 1 x (12") 300 mm cone long-throw
Frequency Response 35- 120 Hz (+-±3dB)
Amplifier Power Output 300 W
Peak Power Output 450 W
Line Input Sensitivity 200mV for maximum output
Crossover Range 30 - 150 Hz
Inputs Stereo line in (2 x RCA phono)
Mono (LFE) line in (RCA phono)
Input Impedance Line input 10 k
LFE 5 kOhms
Signal-to-noise Ratio (s/n) ≥ 85 dB
Avg. Max Output @1m 118 dB
Features Phase inversion, auto on-off
Dimensions Height: (420+58) mm (with feet)
Width: 400 mm
Depth: (450+15) mm
Net Weight 23 kg
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