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Polk-Audio RC55i 2-Way RCI Series In-Wall Speaker(Each)

Polk-Audio RC55i 2-Way RCI Series In-Wall Speaker(Each)

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Product Description

  • This compact in-wall speaker fits practically anywhere.
  • Easy one-cut, drop-in installation puts built-in audio within reach.
  • Efficiency with a simple turn of the patented Rotating Cam system.
  • RCi speakers utilize the “virtual enclosure” of your in-wall and in-ceiling space to enhance their bass response and smooth low frequency blending with the midrange.
  • Lightweight and stiff blue polymer cones deliver excellent damping and bass response.
  • Paintable grilles let you build them in, and then forget all about them; RCi Series speakers practically disappear into any room.
  • Moisture-Safe DesignRustproof stainless steel hardware.
  • Pair of 2-way in-wall speakers timbre-matched to the Polk audio RTi series for seamless imaging.
Product features

The small Polk audio RC-55i speakers fit almost anyplace and may be installed in a variety of in-wall or in-ceiling placements. They can be utilised as main or surround speakers in a theatre system or around your home for whole-house audio. Built-in audio is now available and is a simple 3-step process that only requires cutting a hole, feeding the wires through, and dropping the speaker in. Without further installation or disturbance, the spinning cams safely lock the R-series ceiling speakers in place and guarantee vibration-free performance. 

The RC 55i's paintable grilles provide ideal decor integration, almost obliterating them. In every listening posture, precise imaging with enhanced bass response and direct high-frequency control are made possible by Dynamic Balance drivers and aimable swivel tweeters. For a music system, combine these with your preferred amp or a subwoofer. 


Polk Audio's RC55i

Polk Audio's RC55i

The RC-55i in-wall speakers from Polk Audio have been used by our clients for both music and movies for many years, and their positive evaluations speak for themselves. These little speakers are a great option for small- to medium-sized spaces since they produce clean, accurate sound. Do you want them to completely vanish? You may easily match them to your décor thanks to RCI Series In-Wall Speaker.

Polk Audio Premium Home Theater

Polk Audio Premium Home Theater

As the left and right front or surround channels of an in-wall home theatre, the value-packed RC-55 by polk perform admirably. A pair of them and your preferred amp can also be used to create a music system with little visual clutter. A powerful subwoofer should be added to create a killer 2.1 system.

Polk Audio Installation

The Polk Audio is easy to install at your home The "virtual enclosure" created by your in-wall and in-ceiling space is used by RC 55i series of polk speakers to boost bass response and create a seamless low frequency mix with the middle. A great theater experience is best spent in the comfort of a sofa or armchair. Sit back, relax and enjoy powerful surround sound as the magic unfolds on your screen.

Perfect Polk Audio Ceiling Speaker

Blue polymer cones that are lightweight and rigid provide excellent dampening and bass response. Constructed of durable, moisture-resistant materials for use in bathrooms, saunas or under outdoor eaves. Audio Maxx offers a hodgepodge of great-sounding home polk 2-way In-wall speaker options. We believe that when music is playing, it should feel like you're walking around a concert hall or sitting in your favourite artist's studio session, not just hearing it.

Dynamic Balanced Polk

Polk's experts can design out distortion-causing driver and system resonances so you only hear the beautiful sounds according to the company's own, patented RC55i series Dynamic Balance® technology. You can even use these pairs with your favourite amp for a music system with minimal visual clutter. A 6-1/2" woofer and 3/4" tweeter provide sweet sound.

Polk Ceiling Speakers


To provide completely seamless blending from speaker to speaker in systems that incorporate traditional and built-in speakers, R-Series-55 IN-wall speakers are timbre-matched to other Polk speakers. Waterproof Design The RCi Series speakers are suitable for high moisture areas like bathrooms, transitional spaces, or even under eaves or in the ceiling of an enclosed porch because of their rustproof stainless steel hardware, resilient butyl rubber surrounds, and powder coated aluminium (in-ceiling) & painted steel (in-wall) grilles     
Sales Package Polk Audio RC55I 2-Way In-Wall Speaker and  User documentation
Brand Polk-Audio
Model RC55I
Color white
Dimension 33.78 x 25.15 x 22.61 cm
Weight 3.66 Kg
Shape Rectangular 
Optional Accessories  (2) PB 55 Pre-Construction Bracket
Total Frequency Response 67 Hz → 20,000 Hz
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter) 90 dB
Lower and Upper -3dB Limits 70 Hz → 20,000 Hz
Audio Wattage ‎100 Watts
Compatible Devices ‎Suitable Amplifier (Not Included)
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty 
Warranty Period 3 Years 
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