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SVS Sound PB-16 Ultra Active Subwoofer

SVS Sound PB-16 Ultra Active Subwoofer

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Product Description

  • Comes with a 16-inch Ultra driver with unprecedented 8-inch edge wound voice.
  • Features a powerful new Sledge 1500D Amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET Output that gives 1,500 Watts RMS, 5,000+ Watts Peak Power.
  • SVS subwoofer app works with Apple iOS and Android devices.
  • Control all DSP functions from the comfort of your favorite seat, including: volume, parametric EQ, low pass filter, phase, polarity, room gain, port tuning and system settings.
Product features

Presenting the PB-16 Ultra Subwoofer featuring a massive 16” Ultra driver with astonishing 8" edge wound voice coil, a stunningly powerful 1,500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power Sledge amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output, triple 3.5" front-firing high-flow ports, and an innovative SVS subwoofer control and DSP smartphone app with custom presets for precise tuning.

SVS PB 16 Ultra Subwoofer Comes with groundbreaking technology, rigorous design, and extreme testing in the real world and laboratory environments allowed SVS to achieve unmatched low-frequency extension and output capabilities all while keeping it amazingly detailed and articulate. The culmination of all SVS design advancements, PB16-Ultra represents an incomparable bass experience, nothing else comes close.


Massive New 16

Massive New 16" SVS Ultra Driver

One huge advancement that allows the PB16-Ultra to handle the crushing force of a 16-inch driver is the 8-inch edge wound voice coil, the largest ever deployed in a consumer subwoofer. This innovation ensures ultra-low distortion and pinpoint control at the highest drive levels resulting in incredible output and low frequency extension. The PB16 features a range of room optimization features that allow you to tailor the subwoofer's performance to your room. This includes a 3-band parametric equalizer, a low pass filter, and phase adjustment.

Powerful New Sledge Amplifier

Powerful New Sledge Amplifier

Rated at 1500 watts continuous, 5,000+ watts peak power, the PB16 subwoofer Ultra Sledge STA-1500D amplifier’s 64 Amp 200-Volt MOSFETs are the sonic muscle behind arguably the most powerful and highest fidelity subwoofer amplifier ever developed. Discrete MOSFET output unbridles the nearly limitless power in the Sledge amplifier and pushes the 16” driver to extreme levels performance. The PB16 is built to last, with a robust construction that is designed to withstand the rigors of long-term use. The subwoofer features a high-quality MDF enclosure, and is finished with a durable black ash vinyl.

Innovative New Smartphone App

Innovative New Smartphone App

Compatible with Apple and Android platforms, the innovative PB16-Ultra smartphone app unleashes the full depth, force, and nuance of the world’s finest subwoofer. The groundbreaking SVS subwoofer app controls all DSP functions and conveniently stores custom presets. It’s the easiest way ever to fine-tune bass surpassing 16Hz at reference volumes from the comfort of your favorite seat. The PB16 features a massive 16-inch driver that is capable of moving large volumes of air. This allows it to produce deep and powerful bass that can shake the room.

Acoustically Inert Cabinets

Acoustically Inert Cabinets

The high-resistance steel mesh provides elegant looks to the speaker cabinets is designed with a sonic energy combat feature with a formidable cabinet. The highly manufactured internal design system provides acoustic insulation to elevate the musical experience and eliminate the resonance and coloration from the speaker cabinet to enhance the audio range and balanced saturation compatibility to blend with effective output. The PB-16 by svs subwoofer features a highly efficient Class-D amplifier that is capable of delivering up to 1500 watts of power. 

Customized Presets

Customized Presets 

The SVS   PB 16 Ultra  Subwoofer app unlocks the convenient presets feature to elevate the musical approach with added effects and pristine sound output. Listen to your music in concert, movie, theatre, sports, and auto-bass mode with built-in presets to enhance your entertainment. Boost your parties, musical nights, binge-watching sessions, and family celebrations with easy control and uplifted spacious surround sound added with bass impact. The PB16 features a massive 16-inch driver that is capable of moving large volumes of air. 

Durable Discrete MOSFETs

Durable Discrete MOSFETs

The Ultra Sledge STA-1500D amplifier compatibility evoked a massive energy output range to enhance the bass impact and serene sound quality. MOSFETs enabled ability boosts the audio response feature and delivers an enveloping, sound output for optimum frequency control and minimal noise coverage with zero background noise and harmonized saturation for high-resonance elimination and dynamic audio throw. These ports are tuned to a specific frequency range PB-Series subwoofer, which allows them to produce a cleaner and more accurate bass response,

Sales Package
Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille

Iso-elastomer feet included

Extra heavy-duty, high current 6' power cord

1 Foam port tuning plug

Quick Start Guide
Brand SVS
Model PB-16 Ultra
Color black
Subwoofer Specifications
Black Oak and Piano Gloss Black finish options

Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille

Front-firing 16" driver

Rear-mounted amplifier

Screw-in rubber feet

Triple 3.5-inch ports
Driver Specifications
SVS 16” Ultra-series driver

Powder-coated cast aluminum basket

Four high-grade ferrite magnets

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized motor structure

Dual shorting rings reduce gap induction and lower distortion

8” diameter, high-power edge wound voice coil

95mm peak to peak Xmech excursion (82mm Xmax)
Amplifier Specifications
Sledge STA-1500D DSP amplifier

1,500 watts RMS continuous (5,000+ watts peak dynamic)

Efficient and cool-running Class D topology

High resolution 50Mhz Analog Devices Audio DSP

XLR and RCA stereo input/output with ultra-wide input voltage.

Convenient front-mounted display with subwoofer controls and 8 digit LED display.

Three user adjustable parametric EQs.

IR Remote Control

Continuously variable volume/gain control

Continuously variable (0-180 degrees) phase control

Continuously variable (30-200 Hz) 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB/octave low pass filter frequency with disable/LFE setting
30.9 x 21.7 x 25 inches
80 kg
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 5 Years
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