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Taga Harmony TSW-212 SE Subwoofer

Taga Harmony TSW-212 SE Subwoofer

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Product Description

  • Comes with a removable IEC type power cord that gives an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable.
  • Redesigned bass driver can operate in higher amplitude ranges.
  • Audiophile grade Single Driver Subwoofer.
  • It delivers 240 watts of power and is characterized by high efficiency and great current drive which results in lower distortion.
  • A 12” single driver subwoofer with built-in high-current amplifier and utilizing slotted bass port on the rear.

Product features

Taga-Harmony TSW 212 will give you a live concert feeling at your home without stepping out of your home. These advanced speakers will give you an experience that you might have not experienced before. The sound quality will give you goosebumps all over your body and will leave you stunned. The thrilling effect of the sound quality of Taga-Harmony subwoofer will give you a movie theatre experience as well as a live concert experience just at your comfort place that is your home sweet home without even moving an inch of Taga-Harmony SE Subwoofer.

Now you can get all the facilities just at your home. You have to worry anymore about the weekends, how will you spend the weekend is not a worry anymore. You just have to switch on the TSW-212 subwoofer and start listening music that will take you to an amazing environment and which will fill your mood with great happiness and smile.


Key Features:

Driver Unit: The TSW-212 SE features a 12-inch (305mm) bass driver, designed for precise, low-distortion bass reproduction. The driver is built with a high-quality, rigid cone material that ensures clean and responsive bass.

Amplifier Power: It is equipped with a built-in amplifier delivering 250W RMS power, capable of reaching up to 500W at peak performance. This high power output ensures dynamic bass response even at high volume levels.

Frequency Response: The subwoofer offers a broad frequency response range from 20Hz to 200Hz, allowing it to reproduce the deepest bass tones with clarity and detail.

Crossover Control: Users can adjust the crossover frequency from 40Hz to 150Hz. This feature enables seamless integration with speakers, ensuring a balanced sound profile across the audio spectrum.

Phase Adjustment: The phase switch (0°, 180°) allows users to optimize the subwoofer’s phase response in relation to the main speakers, improving the overall sound coherence and timing.

Enclosure Design: The TSW-212 SE boasts a robust MDF cabinet with internal bracings to minimize vibrations and unwanted resonance. The enclosure's design also features a front-firing port for efficient air displacement, enhancing the subwoofer’s efficiency and bass output.

Inputs: It includes both LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) and line-level inputs, making it compatible with a wide range of home theater systems and AV receivers.

Finish: The subwoofer is available in a luxurious, high-quality vinyl veneer finish, designed to complement the interior décor of modern homes.

Dimensions: It measures approximately (H x W x D) 400mm x 375mm x 410mm, allowing for flexible placement within any room.

Weight: The unit weighs around 20.5kg, reflecting its solid construction and quality components.

The TSW-212 SE is designed for accuracy and depth, capable of delivering room-filling bass that enhances the impact of movies and the richness of music.
Its high-quality driver and efficient amplifier ensure that it can handle the dynamics and complexities of various audio content without distortion.
The adjustable crossover and phase controls allow for fine-tuning, ensuring the subwoofer blends seamlessly with different types of speakers and room acoustics.

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